Auld Lang Syne or (Crackers and Milk With a Warm Soda)


I like eating crackers in milk. It sounds disgusting to almost everyone my age, but it is one of my favorite treats. I learned it from my Papaw Harvey when I was a Kid and though I have evolved to using Town House Crackers instead of Premium Saltines, I still consider it old school and it gives me a sense of nostalgia every time I sit down to enjoy it. I usually have this for a meal at least once a week and between that and the copious amounts of IPA’s I consume on a daily basis, its no surprise that my waist-line shares the same exponential growth as your average student loan.

Another habit I picked up from my Papaw Harvey was being able to drink sodas at room temperature to no dismay. In fact, I would rather have a room temperature Coca-Cola (Pronounced: “Co’cola ” where I’m from) than one on ice any day. The Ice just waters it down and I want my soda to be crisp to the last drop. Unlike Crackers and Milk, I didn’t pick up this habit out of admiration but more as the result of stubborn nurturing. Thats how my Papaw liked his drinks, and by God thats the way it should be. He would physically intervene if my grandmother was trying to pour me a Coke over ice. ” That boy don’t need no ice! Tastes better without it, ya hear?” As an Adult, and someone who still uses the same refridgerator that my grandparents had as a kid.. I think it’s because papaw didn’t like filling back up the ice trays. Yeah, that has to be it.

That’s almost a metaphor if you want to look at it that way. Instead of putting in a little effort and getting something great, we convince ourselves that the easy way is good enough. Not only do we convince ourselves of that, but we convince others as well. We don’t want to be alone in our laziness. We don’t want to feel like we gave up or gave in, we want to feel like we just did the sensible thing. Playing it safe only feels good if it’s a team sport. Otherwise you feel like a huge coward.

I find myself guilty of this so much in my life, but in 2016, there will be no more warm Cokes.

Happy New Year


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