In what has been possibly the most divisive election year this country has ever seen, we have now yet again been struck with a national tragedy that will unfortunately serve to further divide us. I am going to do my absolute best (and probably fail) to not be a hypocrite here, because lord knows I am one opinionated son of a bitch. If you follow my stand up career, my blog, facebook, or twitter, then you are probably aware of where I stand on assault rifles and blind xenophobic rhetoric (ain’t for em) but that’s not what I want to express.

Do I think that with enough persistence we can put an end to the rapid rate in which these acts of terror take place? I sure do. Do I think it will be easy? Shit no, man. I sure don’t. We as a country are at the pinnacle of disagreement on the subject of Gun Control and Border Patrol. You can’t pick ten folks at random who feel the same on either subject (unless you were with me at Bonnaroo this weekend). This is going to be a long journey for both sides of the coin, and it’s something that may not be solved (or at least calmed down) within my lifetime, and I’ve made peace with that.

There is one thing that we can try though – something that I’m not so good at myself from time to time. We can love those closest to us with a fiery passion. As I’m sure the family members of the 50 victims in Orlando would tell you, it is important to let the ones you love know it every day. Consume yourself with love so much that nothing else is able to get in. Focus your energy on your friends and family and hold them close. It’s hard to smile sometimes, especially when we have to wake up to news like this so often, but a smile can be so important. It can be contagious. It can be a relief. And even though it seems we have so much to cry over these days, there is still so much to smile for. There is so much to laugh at.

In the end, we have the love for our family and our friends. Make what time you have count. We are not promised tomorrow, but I can promise you that if I don’t make it till then, I love and AM loved. It’s a wonderful thing, and it’s all we have.


Let’s stop letting this bullshit happen. Thoughts are with you, Orlando.

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